Thursday, 30 June 2016

Erasmus: a life changing experience.

Erasmus is not only about studying abroad, travelling and meeting new people. I believe that, above all, it is an unique experience where you get to discover yourself. You get to test your limits, you get to experience life in a new way.

First, you will move to a foreign country, alone (if, like me, you choose to go without any colleagues). This alone is a big change. You don't have a familiar face when you get home. If you had some tough few days, no one will be there to make you feel better. It's hard, but it will toughen you up.

Making new friends is a great way to improve your communication skills, as well as your English and, in my case, French. My Erasmus experience lead me out of my confort zone. I went to parties alone, I travelled to Denmark with a guy I had just met, I hitchhiked with strangers, I went to Italy alone and almost got stuck at the airport... I made new friendships that I still cherish very much and I lived an unforgetable experience. Many adventures that changed me, that improved my skills and, above all, that made me grow.

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